Part of planning a trip includes deciding where you will stay. There are many ABQ hotels, but wouldn’t you rather have a cleaner, more comfortable room and feel like the facility is a home away from home? Have you considered a Bed and Breakfast (or B&B)? Bed and Breakfasts have many benefits compared to hotel chains.


As you stroll up to the hotel entrance, it is just another cookie cutter building that is the same in every city. It is surrounded by an asphalt jungle and some attempt at a landscape. Everything is the same outside, same inside and all the rooms are mostly the same. Let’s look at a B&B, for example, the Mauger Estate in Albuquerque. You stroll up a nice sidewalk lined with a landscaped front yard to a wide welcoming porch with attractive seating to this historic Victorian three story home. The B&B offers off street parking and lovely curb appeal. The Queen Anne architecture continues inside with a beautiful, comfortable living area. Each room has its own personality and decor from a bygone era. Each room has a private bath. While the Mauger Estate B&B is historic, other B&B’s offer different atmospheres, maybe from another time, another style, or just quirky and fun.


So what about price? Most B&B’s cost less than ABQ hotels and breakfast is included in the price. The breakfast is not just a simple continental or do it yourself breakfast, but homemade goodness with delectable aromas wafting to wake you with the morning sun. Mauger Estate B&B can accommodate special diets like gluten free, vegetarian, lactose intolerant and diabetic with advance notice; this is unheard of in most hotels. But what about snacks? Most hotels have snack machines in the lobby or small refrigerators in the rooms but everything will be itemized on your bill. At many B&B’s, including the Mauger Estate, evening snacks and beverages are provided in the common rooms. This gives guests a chance to mingle and socialize. Each room has a small refrigerator with bottled water and an individual coffee maker to fill your desire for a hot cup as you wake up or during the day.
ABQ Hotels

abq hotels front porch iv


Most ABQ hotels provide brochures with information about the city and surrounding area. B&Bs offer this as well. You will find that the B&B owner is a resident, who knows the area well. They can guide you to interesting places and activities of your choice and give you insider information that will make your day more enjoyable.


In a hotel you are one among many and just another face among the crowd, but at a B&B you are part of a small friendly family of welcomed guests. You become a person whose needs are carefully looked after by the B&B staff in your home away from home.

Altogether, a B&B provides a cozy atmosphere, unique settings, special attention to your needs and still offers you free WiFi, satellite/cable TV, fax, phone and friendliness at no extra charge.

So, consider the Mauger Estate B&B instead of ABQ Hotels to make your next trip more memorable!