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We have the opportunity to talk to many travelers and are lucky to have a large number of regulars who use The Mauger as their home away from home quite often. We hear several of our guests lament the things they miss about New Mexico the most. So if you find yourself in that boat, just remember, you’re in good company! Here are a few favorites we hear the most.

The food

Mauger Estate B&B
Fresh sopapillas from El Patio restaurant; photo credit: Krissy Bencomo

The number one thing we hear longing and excitement for is by far, the food. Not surprising when you are one of the only states in the nation with authentic green and red chile is prepared New Mexican style. Locals expect this ingredient to be an option on any menu- even at McDonalds, and very commonly eat it with every meal of the day. We also tend to hear rave reviews about sopapillas, especially from those who have never had them. Served savory or sweet you can choose to have them stuffed with carne and smothered in red or green chile OR as a dessert drizzled with warm honey. Either way, if you’ve never experienced a warm sopa right out of the fryer, you are DEFINITELY missing out.


The Sandia Mountains

You can never be lost in Albuquerque because the mountains are always East, and you can see the mountains from anywhere in the city, making the Sandia mountains the biggest and most beautiful navigational beacon in the city.  This gorgeous mountain chain earned the Spanish name- Sandia, which translates to “watermelon”, because they notoriously turn pink at sunset.  This leads us to our next item- Those sunsets!

Mauger Estate B&B
Sandia Mountains; photo credit: Ben Bunner email for permission

The Sunsets

There is something particularly beautiful about the sunsets in New Mexico. You just never know when you will be absolutely captivated by the setting sun which is known for showing off an impressive color pallet of pinks, blues, purples and ambers. If you are visiting and have yet to chase a sunset, you may need to take note of the sunset hour ASAP.

Mauger Estate B&B
Albuquerque Sunset; photo credit: Ben Bunner

The Culture

With a beautiful and unique blend of Native, Hispanic, and Cowboy history, you will undoubtedly get a healthy dose of culture while visiting New Mexico. Where cultures are still alive and well in modern and traditional context. With incredibly creative events being hosted almost every single weekend, there is never a dull moment. If you find yourself bored, you’re doing it wrong! But don’t fret; your friendly innkeeper will always have a great recommendation for you.


The Landscape

Experiencing the magnificent beauty of the southwest desert is something that everyone should do at least once. We absolutely love hearing the reactions of travelers who are visiting for the first time and leave with awe and appreciation of our vast, warm desert climate.

Mauger Estate B&B
New Mexico Landscape; photo credit: Krissy Bencomo

The Mauger Estate Chocolate Chip Cookies

We don’t want to brag, however- we hear this one a lot. We make it a point to bake fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies every single day to welcome our guests. Over the last ten years of ownership, Tammy Walden has happily made and served over 35,000 of our famous Mauger Estate cookies. And in case you didn’t know- we are happy to share recipes!

Mauger Estate B&B cookies
Tammy making Mauger Estate B&B cookies!; photo credit: Krissy Bencomo

Blog written by Krissy Bencomo, Innkeeper

What’s Hot in ABQ?

Most definitely, the weather!  We bring you this light and delicious recipe to help bring a smile to your face and love to your belly!


Lemon Lavender Scones

3 C flour

¾ C sugar

3 tsp baking powder

1 tsp salt

½ C butter

¾ C milk

Zest of 1 lemon

Juice of 1 lemon

2 tblsp lavender seeds

Egg white


Mix all dry ingredients together in large mixing bowl.  Add butter, microwave for 30 seconds to soften butter.  Use pastry cutter to cut butter into pea sized pieces, mixing into the dry ingredients.  Add lemon zest, lemon juice, and milk, mix 4-5 times with fork.  Rub lavender between palms to release aroma and flavor, mix into dough.  Make dough into ball and pat out on a floured surface.  Fold over, pat out 4 times, then shape into 4 inch wide rectangle.  Beat egg white with whisk until frothy, brush on top of the dough.  Cut dough into triangles, bake at 370 degrees for approximately 20 minutes (until firm and lightly golden on top).  Enjoy!


Serve with butter and homemade blueberry spice jelly.

Explore Albuquerque:  Stroll the Plaza!


Having hosted hundreds of travelers who are amidst their explorations of the southwest desert, we love pointing guests in the direction Albuquerque’s historic Old Town Plaza, just a short 1.2 mile walk from the B&B, makes it a great destination to stretch the legs after a long drive. Grab an umbrella for shade on your way out of the B&B and enjoy the uniqueness of Albuquerque’s downtown residential neighborhood with its Victorian style architecture.  Once you begin to see the beautiful bell towers of the San Felipe De Neri Church beginning to peak above the bright orange walls of the ancient adobe buildings you will know you have reached Old Town. Most tourists are happy to see the original streets of Albuquerque which are still occupied daily by vendors and artists, creating host of culture. Though it is small in size, you will find there is plenty to do which will keep you busy for hours.


Start by indulging in a famous New Mexican meal that every local has bragged about since you crossed into NM territory. With La Hacienda, Church Street Cafe, Back Street Grill, and High Noon located inside the walls of old town you will not have any trouble getting your hands on a traditional enchilada, or a deep fried chile relleno stuffed in cheese and smothered in green chile. Be warned- our local salsas are delicious and typically served as an appetizer so remember to save room for dinner by trying to resist that second basket of chips while  you wait. The portions you receive will mostly likely be enough to share, but remember each room at the Mauger Estate is equipped with a mini fridge, perfect for leftovers.

After a hearty New Mexican meal, you will find that a walk through the plaza will be quite inviting.  Drop in on the surprisingly large gallery show rooms which are packed full of souvenirs, art, jewelry, clothing, and culture.  Take this opportunity to buy yourself or your someone special a piece of authentic New Mexican jewelry.  Talk to the shop owners and artists in person who typically create their works behind the counters while guests browse their massive collections of handmade inventory.  Admire original art works by renowned local artists like Sean Wells and David Behren. Take a moment to be immersed in the culture that makes the southwest desert a favorite for so many.


For a great nighttime adventure, take one of the Ghost Tours of Old Town, offered nightly at 8:00pm.   Or, relax on the patio at Season’s Restaurant, and listen to some live music.


For special events, which happen quite often, check the city of Albuquerque website On any given weekend, you may find the plaza is hosting a fiesta, or concert series, or witness a lovely wedding in the beautiful Old Town gazebo. Just another example of how the plaza is thriving as the city’s tiny hub of history and culture.


written by Krissy Bencomo

It’s so exciting to see the daffodils, bright green leaves budding from trees, and feel the warm sun.  We love spring at the Mauger, and we’re delighted to bring you a bright and cheery gift – 15% off standard rates for any stay in April or May!  Just mention this blog when booking a room directly with us on our website or call 505.242.8755.

And now for the spring time news! The city is brimming with action and things to do.  We are happy to present you with a few.

  • Old Town will celebrate Fiestas de Albuquerque on April 8th  from 12-5pm, Old Town Plaza.
  • The 3rd Annual Great New Mexico Food Truck & Craft Beer Festival on April 8th  from 12 – 6pm at the Balloon Museum
  • Downtown Grower’s Market  begins the season April 15th 8am – noon at Robinson Park
  • Art in the Afternoon with Todd Tijerena on April 15th 2-4pm at the Albuquerque Museum
  • Bacon, Beer and Blues on April 15th 11am – 5pm at Balloon Fiesta Park
  • Gathering of Nations Pow Wow April 27th  – 29th  at Expo New Mexico: Home of the State Fair
  • Albuquerque Renaissance Faire on April 29th from 10am – 6pm at the Balloon Museum
  • Rail Yards Market begins May 7th 10am – 2pm at the Rail Yards
  • 29th Annual Rio Grande Valley Celtic Festival May 20th -21st  at Balloon Fiesta Park
  • 7th Annual ABQ Blues & Brews on May 28th 3 – 6pm at Sandia Resort and Casino
  • Albuquerque Wine Festival May 27th – 29th 11:30am – 7pm at Balloon Fiesta Park
  • New Mexico Wine and Jazz Festival May 27th – 29th at Balloon Fiesta Park
  • 7th Annual ABQ Beer Week May 25th – June 4th multiple venues

We also want to tell you about a few of our favorite hang out spots to relish.  All are near the B&B, and we hope you’ll stay with us and stroll around to check them out because the ART traffic is hellish 🙂

  • Dialogue Brewing – 1st and Kinley
  • Marble Brewery – 1st and Marble
  • Boese Brother’s Brewing – 6th and Gold
  • Duel Brewing – 6th and Central
  • Monk’s Brewery – 2nd and Silver


While you initiate your New Year’s resolutions, and begin to eat healthy and exercise, we are here for you at the Mauger!

We will begin by telling you that we are within walking distance of some great restaurants:  Slate Street Café, The Cellar, Cocina Azul, 5 Star Burgers, and Amore Pizza to name a few.

Next, we are one mile from Old Town Plaza, Albuquerque Museum of Art and History, and the NM Museum of Natural History and Science.

So, book at room at the Mauger, rest, relax, walk and enjoy breakfast!

We leave you with a healthy new breakfast recipe, straight from the Mauger Estate B&B kitchen!

New Mexico Poached Eggs

2 C diced potato or sweet potato

1 Tbsp olive oil

1 tsp garlic powder

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

Mix all together and place in a 9×9 baking dish, bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes.  Remove and top with the following:

1 ½  C chopped/diced vegetables of your choice, such as broccoli, sweet peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes etc.

½ C chopped green onion

1 Tbsp parsley

Green Chile Sauce:

1 Tbsp flour

1 Tbsp butter

½ C milk

½ C water

1 Tbsp dried onion

1 tsp salt

1 tsp garlic

1 C chopped green chile

In saucepan over low heat, melt butter, mix with flour until smooth, add milk, heat until thickening begins, add water, heat and add spices and green chile, keep warm.

Poach 6 eggs, gently place on top of potatoes and vegetables, drizzle with green chile sauce and top with Parmesan/goat cheese.

Serves 6.

Albuquerque Bed & Breakfast

Grab your bag, jump in the car, or on the plane and head to Albuquerque or Santa Fe during December, and you’ll find a truly amazing and beautiful tradition spread throughout the cities. Luminarias (and/or farolitos) adorn rooftops and sidewalks, lighting the way for residents and visitors to homes, businesses, and churches.

Traditionally, the luminaria is a stacked cube of pińon branches burned as a lantern. Today, the luminaria is commonly referred to as what is traditionally called a “farolito,” or brown paper bag containing sand and a tea light candle. The terms are now mostly interchangeable throughout the state.

For some New Mexican communities, the tradition is lighting one luminaria each night during the period called Las Posadas until the final ninth luminaria is lit. In Albuquerque, the tradition is at its peak on Christmas Eve, when most communities line the streets, sidewalks and rooftops with luminarias, and the city hosts a Luminaria Tour in Old Town and the Country Club neighborhood. This tour has become a renowned event, and hundreds of locals board buses at the Convention Center, and ride through the downtown/Old Town neighborhoods to experience the magic. Many people walk through these neighborhoods, stopping to chat with residents and sip on hot apple cider or hot cocoa as everyone appreciates the folklore of these radiant little bags. Old Town Plaza teems with people of all ages, smiling in awe at the glow. The luminarias burn throughout the evening and through the night of Christmas Eve.

This tradition is an extraordinarily beautiful sight, and brings a feeling of warmth and closeness to all communities throughout the cities as these glowing little bags mesmerize us at the wonder of the season.

So, bundle up and come on over, down, up, or just OUT to experience this tradition with us!

At the Mauger Estate Bed and Breakfast we hope that all our guests will have the chance to experience some of New Mexico’s incredible culture around the Holidays –there are plenty of unique events to choose from. With average winter temperatures ranging from 30° to 50° you can bundle up and comfortably enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as the River of Lights, Luminaria Tour or New Year’s Eve in the heart of our beautiful city at Civic Plaza. If you prefer indoor events, shopping, or cultural events our city has tons to offer!



For unique gift ideas you may want to visit any of the number of arts and crafts fairs throughout the city and surrounding areas. You might expect to see many local artists creating art in their booths right before your eyes. Art styles range from unique, handcrafted jewelry (specifically Indian jewelry featuring sterling silver, turquoise, coral, and beadwork) to Dia de Los Muertos style artwork by local artist such as Sean Wells. There are usually tons of local food options to sample and purchase like salsas, cookies, red chile hot chocolate, spice mixes, cooking sauces, beef jerky and more. This list just barely scratches the surface of the wonderful items you’ll find for purchase at any of these events.


If you prefer indoor events there are many to choose from as well, each highlighting the best of what New Mexico has to offer. One thing that is so unique to our beloved New Mexico is Panketzaliztli: An Aztec Celebration of the Season. This event is a raising of the banners celebration centered around Mesoamerican creation myths and the history behind traditional holiday customs. This incredible event is held at the National Hispanic Cultural Center (a great place for travelers to visit, regardless of time of year, by the way).



903 10th St SW, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87102 – Abq Bio Park
Experience millions of sparkling lights at New Mexico’s largest walk-through holiday production with more than 400 glowing light displays and animated sculptures and a synchronized music light show.
Hours:6-9:30 p.m.
Closed Dec. 24, 25.
Buy tickets in advance, beginning Nov. 1 or at the gate.



Dec 3 at 7:30 PM to Dec 4 at 2 PM

Kalpulli Ehekatl/Ehekatl Aztec Dancers and Friends present Panketzaliztli, a theatrical performance in three acts. The presentation, an Aztec celebration of the season, draws upon Mesoamerican creation myths and the history behind traditional holiday customs and includes a lyrically performed version of the Panketzaliztli (Alzamiento de los Estandartes, or Raising of the Banners) celebration, a retelling of the history of Yankwik Tletl (Fuego Nuevo, or the New Fire Ritual, performed during Panketzaliztli every 52 years), and, as a closing act, the Serpent of Fire Dance.
$12 w/ $2 discount for students, seniors &NHCC members


The walk-through displays feature handcrafted characters. The Bugg Lights have been a local tradition for over 40 years. The Bugg lights are now on display at the Harvey House Museum in Belen, and while the display is free, donations are welcome, to help support the many volunteers who helped make it happen. Bugg lights begin November 26 and continue through December 31, Sunday – Thursday from 5 to 8 p.m. and Friday and Saturday from 5 to 9 p.m.



The evening of holiday fun at Coronado Monumentincludes luminarias, a bonfire, a visit from Santa, Native dancers, biscochito cookies, hot apple cider and cocoa. Kids can make their own Christmas ornament. There will be music, traditional Pueblo dances and Native American storytelling. Look for children’s activities and food trucks. It happens Sunday, December 4, 5 p.m. – 8 p.m.

at Coronado Monument, Hwy 550, Bernalillo.


December 24, 2016

Location: Albuquerque Convention Center

401 Second St. N.W., Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 505-768-4575

Admission: Adults $3, Children ages 10-18 and Seniors $1.70.

Enjoy an annual New Mexican tradition! Let ABQ Ride take you through a twinkling wonderland in Old Town, a festively-adorned Albuquerque Country Club and other hot spots decked out for the holidays.


December 31, 2016

Location: Civic Plaza

1 Civic Plaza NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102

Phone: 505-768-3452

Admission: Free

Ring in 2017 with the City of Albuquerque on Civic Plaza! New Year’s Eve on the Plaza will be from 9 p.m. – midnight on December 31. This free event is the place to be for the final seconds of 2016.

While we usually bring you great information about the city, or fabulous recipes, or outstanding accommodations and service, today we bring you an historic recap of one of the city’s finest bed and breakfasts.  The Mauger Estate B&B is centrally located in the heart of the city, and has a rich history.  This property is on the city’s historic walking tour:

A rare and exceptional pet friendly bed and breakfast, with one dog friendly room in the main house and two dog friendly townhouses, dogs and their owners love our delightful accommodations and amenities.

The story of the Mauger Estate B&B history is enchanting, and makes this Albquerque B&B a great find.

Maude Talbot, the daughter of a local tavern owner and wholesale liquor distributor, ordered the residence constructed in 1897 at a cost of $1,600. Maude soon returned to her native New York after selling the home to William E. Mauger and his wife, Brittania. The Maugers’, a prominent Boston family, purchased the property in 1907 for $4,350. In 1912 they bought the lot to the west and added the two-story sleeping porch.

W.E. Mauger owned the Raabe & Mauger Hardware store on 1st Street, but his primary business was buying raw wool from the Indians and shipping it back to Boston for resale. The Wool Room, now a gracious bedroom on the B&B’s second floor, was originally an office for the wool business records.

W.E. Mauger died in April of 1923 and Brittania Mauger continued to live at the Estate until 1932. Mrs. Mauger then moved to a smaller house on Maple Street where she died in 1970 at the age of 102.  The residence was sold after the Mauger’s passed, and was poorly maintained for many years.  It was almost condemned when it was bought by Richard and Utta Carleno and beautifully restored in the early 1980’s.

The Mauger Estate B&B is a classic example of Queen Anne style architecture. It has been brilliantly restored with careful attention to detail, preserving many of the original features including etched glass and finely refinished woodwork. The inn features a parlor/sitting room, a beautiful indoor-outdoor dining room, stunning suites and cozy bedrooms (including one with a special doggy door and private yard), and a sunny breakfast room in what was once the home’s sleeping porch.

The Estate was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985.  Come see us soon and experience why so many people return to this beautiful historic bed and breakfast, where sleep is delicious!

Albuquerque B&B
Duke City Marathon 2016

The Historic Mauger Estate B&B