Our beautiful Albuquerque weather is the perfect for shopping!


For this holiday season, we are making things easy for you, we are bringing you recommendations for some great shops in Old Town that will surely please your loved ones!


Vintage Home On The Range

Home goods

This darling home goods store inside the historic walls of Albuqurque’s Old Town Plaza has become a favorite go-to for gifts and home décor. Just as the name implies you will find a huge selection of kitschy vintage inspired items. We absolutely loved their large selection of tea towels that come in adorable sets and are even packaged beautifully in a matching fabric pouch. The classic Americana trinkets and souvenirs are literally draped over every shelf and nook and cranny which will keep you “Ooh-ing” and “Awe-ing” throughout every corner of the store. This classic collection is an artful display of appreciation of New Mexico’s cowboy culture, and an absolute pleasure to walk through. Pro tip: Don’t miss their new gardening section tucked away at the back of the store. Don’t forget to tell them the Mauger sent you!


David Behrens Historic Old Town Plaza Gallery

Art and local products

While gallery browsing in the old town plaza after a hearty NM meal you will likely wander through David Behrens gallery. Take a moment to observe several of Behrens most renowned pieces that voice strong commentary about Native and American culture dynamic, while paying homage to both. Notice the fine detail and realism that he is able to capture in the faces of his portraits. It is through the iconic imagery Behrens has created that allows him to voice bold statements regarding Americas’ most deeply rooted ancestry.


In addition to his own fine works of art, Behrens gallery is also home to a well-rounded collection of art from several artists of the Southwest featuring items like original traditional Spanish retablos by local favorite, Sean Wells; Giant cow skulls adorned beautifully in silver and local stones like turquoise; Gorgeous metallic Zia’s and kokopeli’s; Finely hand-crafted jewelry from skilled jewelers from all over the state.


If you are looking for a good gift for friends at home or even a trinket to remind you of your travels we thought the local coffee sampler from Pinon Coffee Company or the darling adobe candle holder were perfect picks. And as an added bonus we particularly loved taking our time smelling the colorful assortment of locally made soaps with names like, “Sandia Sunset” and “Kokopeli Kisses”.


This collection of art and fun local products makes it a perfect art and culture stop!