We have the opportunity to talk to many travelers and are lucky to have a large number of regulars who use The Mauger as their home away from home quite often. We hear several of our guests lament the things they miss about New Mexico the most. So if you find yourself in that boat, just remember, you’re in good company! Here are a few favorites we hear the most.

The food

Mauger Estate B&B
Fresh sopapillas from El Patio restaurant; photo credit: Krissy Bencomo

The number one thing we hear longing and excitement for is by far, the food. Not surprising when you are one of the only states in the nation with authentic green and red chile is prepared New Mexican style. Locals expect this ingredient to be an option on any menu- even at McDonalds, and very commonly eat it with every meal of the day. We also tend to hear rave reviews about sopapillas, especially from those who have never had them. Served savory or sweet you can choose to have them stuffed with carne and smothered in red or green chile OR as a dessert drizzled with warm honey. Either way, if you’ve never experienced a warm sopa right out of the fryer, you are DEFINITELY missing out.


The Sandia Mountains

You can never be lost in Albuquerque because the mountains are always East, and you can see the mountains from anywhere in the city, making the Sandia mountains the biggest and most beautiful navigational beacon in the city. This gorgeous mountain chain earned the Spanish name- Sandia, which translates to “watermelon”, because they notoriously turn pink at sunset. This leads us to our next item- Those sunsets!

Mauger Estate B&B
Sandia Mountains; photo credit: Ben Bunner email for permission benbunner2@gmail.com

The Sunsets

There is something particularly beautiful about the sunsets in New Mexico. You just never know when you will be absolutely captivated by the setting sun which is known for showing off an impressive color pallet of pinks, blues, purples and ambers. If you are visiting and have yet to chase a sunset, you may need to take note of the sunset hour ASAP.

Mauger Estate B&B
Albuquerque Sunset; photo credit: Ben Bunner

The Culture

With a beautiful and unique blend of Native, Hispanic, and Cowboy history, you will undoubtedly get a healthy dose of culture while visiting New Mexico. Where cultures are still alive and well in modern and traditional context. With incredibly creative events being hosted almost every single weekend, there is never a dull moment. If you find yourself bored, you’re doing it wrong! But don’t fret; your friendly innkeeper will always have a great recommendation for you.


The Landscape

Experiencing the magnificent beauty of the southwest desert is something that everyone should do at least once. We absolutely love hearing the reactions of travelers who are visiting for the first time and leave with awe and appreciation of our vast, warm desert climate.

Mauger Estate B&B
New Mexico Landscape; photo credit: Krissy Bencomo

The Mauger Estate Chocolate Chip Cookies

We don’t want to brag, however- we hear this one a lot. We make it a point to bake fresh homemade chocolate chip cookies every single day to welcome our guests. Over the last ten years of ownership, Tammy Walden has happily made and served over 35,000 of our famous Mauger Estate cookies. And in case you didn’t know- we are happy to share recipes!

Mauger Estate B&B cookies
Tammy making Mauger Estate B&B cookies!; photo credit: Krissy Bencomo

Blog written by Krissy Bencomo, Innkeeper